Donaldson Marketing Bureau: has changed into a digital publishing house!

What's going on?

Having spent a number of years in the corporate environment as a marketing executive for Tech companies, I eventually found the courage to start my own tech marketing agency. 

I made the jump from employee to CEO 3 months before my 3rd baby was born, in some adverse circumstances, but I learnt a lot.

With that move, I also started to upgrade my skills and found the amazing world of online business, and the power of sharing an empathetic story with a like minded crowd.

More recently with a diagnosis of breast cancer, I had an opportunity to make some major decisions.  So I am now focusing all my energy into my digital magazine: 

"A Guide For Getting Back To Business After Life Changing Events"

If you would like to know more about the magazine, or it's Podcast Back 2 Chat - please go to:

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